Editing, Proofreading
Professional Editorial Services

Are you looking for an editor for your book, dissertation, or article? Do you need somebody to proofread your latest newsletter, annual report, or marketing materials? Draft to Done Editorial Services, run by Dr. Donata Kick, can help.

I work with individuals and businesses around the world. My clients include researchers who are looking for help with polishing their book manuscript, conference paper, or journal article; PhD students who need a final check of their thesis or dissertation, especially if their native language is not English; and business owners who want to ensure their press releases, marketing materials, or website content is flawlessly written and presented.

Previous projects came from the fields of literature, history, theology, politics, healthcare, chiropractic, and arts administration. I have experience in the following areas:

  • Editing and proofreading academic monographs, articles, and PhD dissertations.
  • Proofreading business materials, annual reports, and newsletters.
  • Editing projects in the humanities, literature, history, theology, business, medical sciences, arts administration, alternative healthcare, chiropractic.
  • Editing for ESL clients.
  • MLA, Chicago, APA, Vancouver, and AMA style guides, or your house style.
  • Indexing books.
  • Translation English/German.
  • Transcription of audio or video.
  • Accessible writing for academics, businesses, and non-specialist audiences.
  • Grant writing.
  • Organisational/motivational coaching for authors and dissertation writers.