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About Your Editor

Donata Kick - Editing and Proofreading
Dr. Donata Kick – Freelance Editor

Hello, I’m Donata. I am a bilingual proofreader and editor (English and German) and specialise in working with academics and businesses.

I hold an M.A. in English Studies and a PhD in Medieval Literature from Durham University. For my doctoral dissertation I researched early medieval religious and mythological literature in the Germanic languages (Old English, Old Norse-Icelandic, Old High German, Old Saxon) and in Latin to examine the use of apocalyptic imagery. For several years I taught medieval and Renaissance literature at the university level. I was involved in the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology project and have published a collection of essays with the University of Toronto Press. In 2010 I started working as a freelance editor.

In recent years I have become increasingly interested in healthcare, initially through my experience as a chiropractic patient. To deepen this interest I studied clinical sciences, neurology, and biomechanics through the Barcelona College of Chiropractic and the Institute for Advanced Biostructural Correction. I therefore understand the academic language of both the humanities and the biomedical field; I am familiar with a range of relevant style guides (MLA, Chicago, APA, AMA, Vancouver).

I have edited a wide range of material in the area of literature, theology, business, finance, and healthcare. My particular areas of expertise and personal interests are listed below:

  • medieval studies (literature, history)
  • theology and religion (Benedictine spirituality, hymnology)
  • healthcare, biomedical sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, neurology, evidence-based practice)
  • chiropractic and other forms of complementary/alternative healthcare
  • nutrition and healthy living
  • arts and arts administration
  • ESL editing

I understand the demands of working in pressurised academic and professional environments. I offer a keen eye for detail and a friendly and approachable manner. I always work within budget and to your specifications.